ICH PERFORMANCE Meditation on pedestal Luis Weiland, 2022

I am having a dialogue with myself. We talk about many things. The class meeting yesterday, what’s coming up this week, what interesting people we have come into contact with. Suddenly it is quiet for a moment. Birds chirping. A never-ending ripple. Water flowing through my belly. The heart beats slowly and the breath stands still. I ask myself: Who is actually talking here right now?

More information about the performance:
Luis Weiland was sitting for the opening of the annual exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts of Munich on 23.07.2022, from 14-19 clock, 5 hours, almost motionless on a large white pedestal in the garden, while observing his inner dialogue. The pedestal is located near a spring in the garden, which enlivens the soundscape and creates a meditative constant of water splashing. His eyes were closed, but at times they were open. In these moments, he made eye contact with visitors and looked them attentively into their eyes.